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We are committed to making Bitcoin accessible to everyone and aim to empower individuals and businesses to take control of their financial destiny

The future of wealth

A robust monetary system is essential for a flourishing society. However, our money is currently flawed. Since its inception in 1999, the euro has experienced a significant decrease in purchasing power, declining by more than 44%. Accelerated inflation has escalated costs for both individuals and businesses

Our belief in Bitcoin’s exceptional potential to bring about positive change in our world serves as our driving force. We firmly believe that Bitcoin stands as the ultimate instrument for preserving and growing wealth

This profound conviction serves as the cornerstone of Dux, guiding our determination to build the leading Bitcoin financial service

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Our values

Customer first

We don’t just want to meet your needs; we’re committed to exceeding them. Providing rapid responses to your feedback and building lasting relationships based on trust are at the heart of our mission

Be world-class

We continuously improve our services and applications, investing in our people and staying ahead of market trends. We strive to provide the best Bitcoin financial service

Share everything we know

We believe in the power of knowledge sharing and tirelessly work to provide you with the highest quality information and tools to assist you on your Bitcoin journey

Fortifying security

Recognizing the critical importance of security, we adhere to the highest standards to safeguard your funds and personal information. We conduct regular independent audits to ensure the highest level of protection and security

Embracing accountability

We take ownership of our actions. Every decision we make is guided by our unwavering commitment to you, our customers, and our mission to build an unrivalled Bitcoin financial service

Focus on the essential

We dedicate ourselves to delivering outstanding features tailored for you. Undeterred by fleeting trends, our goal remains steadfast: to build a service that revolves around your needs and expectations